Mechanical designer

Born in Tokyo in 1947, OKAWARA graduated from Tokyo Zokei University and first worked for a major apparel company. In 1972 he joined the Art Depar tment at Tatsunoko Production. Af ter his first experience with mecha design for Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, he became a mecha design specialist and founded Design Of fice Mechaman with NAKAMURA Mitsuki. In 1978 he went freelance and worked on many Sunrise projects, supervising the mecha design for real-robot animation (Mobile Suit Gundam, Fang of the Sun Dougram, Armored Trooper VOTOMS) as well as superrobots (Brave Series). Working in a wide range of media, including toys and games, as well as the Time Bokan (Time Fighters) series for Tatsunoko Production, OKAWARA continues to be a leader in the mecha design field.
( 2012 )