Manga Artist

Born in Tokyo. SAITO Chiho made her debut in 1982 with Ken to Madomoazeru (The Sword and the Mademoiselle) in the magazine "Coronet" (published by Shogakukan). She received the 42nd Shogakukan Manga Award with Kanon in 1997. She is a member of the animation production group "Bepapas", and in 1997 she drew a manga version of the TV animation Utena, La Fillette Revolutionnaire. She was also deeply involved with the production of the animation for the TV and movie theater versions. She is currently working on Ice Forest, which takes figure skating as a subject, serialized in "flowers", and a classic original story, Shishaku Varumon − Kiken-na Kankei (Viscount Vermont - dangerous relation) serialized in "Rinka".

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