SAITO Nobuhiko


Editor and Manga Researcher

SAITO is the author of Manga no Idenshi (The Genetics of Manga) (Kodansha Gendai Shinsho, 2011), co-author of Manga no Yomikata (How to Read Manga (Takarajimasha, 1995), and has edited or contributed to numerous other books about manga. In 2000 he helped found the online bookstore bk1, for which he has served as editor in chief and director. Since 2004 he has been active in the editing and production of manga-related publications and events, including the editing of AOIKE Yasuko Collection (Booking), editorial supervision of Nippon no Manga (Manga of Japan) (Asahi Shimbunsha, 2006), and co-direction, with NATSUME Fusanosuke, of the DNA of "Sunday" and "Magazine" exhibition in 2009.

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