Graduate of Meiji University. Entered Toei Douga Corporation (Now: Toei Animation) in 1963 Produced the artwork for the TV series Wolf Boy Ken (Ookami Shonen Ken). Entered A Production (Now: Shinei Douga Co.,). Produced the artwork for the TV series; Star of the Giants (Kyojin no Hoshi),Vagabond Genius (Tensai Bakabon) and The Gutsy Frog (Dokonjo Gaeru) and directed A Story of Old Japan (Nihon Mukashi Banashi). Established the Asia Dou Co., in 1978, Directed the movieHang On Tabuchi!! (Gambare Tabuchi-kun). Presently directing the TV Series; Doraemon and NinTama RanTaro and supervising Chibi-maruko Chan. Has directed all of the Doraemon movies since number 4.