SUZUKI Shinichi


Animation Director

Born in Nagasaki City, SUZUKI Shinichi started submitting his works to magazines, like "Manga Shonen" when he was a high school student. In 1955, he lived in Tokiwa-so, Tokyo with fellow manga artists. In 1956, he joined Otogi Production presided by YOKOYAMA Ryuichi, the author of Fukuchan, and ventured into animation. He worked for productions of Fukusuke and the first TV animation series in Japan Instant History. He established Studio Zero in 1963 with FUJIKO F Fujio, FUJIKO Fujio (A), ISHINOMORI Shotaro, TSUNODA Jiro, AKATSUKA Fujio and others. He also produced Osomatsu-kun, Pa-man, and others. He co-directed four films, including Mina no Egao by the Asia/Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO with LAT, a Malaysian manga artist. Currently he is visiting professor of Bunsei University of Art and Director of the Suginami Animation Museum.

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