Born in 1969 in Tokyo, Japan. Majored in graphic design in the Faculty of Art and Design at Tama Art University. Completed the Master's Program in Art and Design at the University of Tsukuba. While at the university, Takeno began producing works based on the theme of invisible forces such as gravity and magnetism. Principal exhibitions:Shikisai no Wonderland ("Color Wonderland"; Minato Mirai 21 Yokohama Pavilion; 1995); Miracle Lab '95 permanent exhibition (Parthenon Tama); solo exhibition (Studio Kinshicho, Tokyo; 1995); Eggs of Moebius (0 Art Museum; Parthenon Tama; 1996); Scientific Art retrospective exhibition (Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, 1996); work accepted for Contemporary Japanese Art Exhibition (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, 1998); solo exhibition "rise," (Suikatou, 1999); Katachi U Symmetry international symposium (University of Tsukuba, 1999); received the Best Presentation Award; Zone exhibition (Para GLOBE, 2001).