UI Takashi


Graduated from the Yokohama Broadcast & Film Professional School. Studied scriptwriting and direction under Shigeki Chiba and recording under Shoutaro Yoshida. 1985,6 Worked as director and assistant director on the TV series Touch. 1986 Worked as music director and composer for the Toei Educational Films movie The Hundredth Monkey. 1988 Sound direction and Co-direction of Mori no Densetsu with Osamu Tezuka which won the Youth Film Award at the Zagreb International Animation Festival as well as the Mainichi Film Contest's Ohfuji award. 1989,90 Wrote and directed the television series Jungle Taitei. Received the award for Excellence in Children's Programming at the Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival. Director of the animation section of the documentary video Hankaku (No Nukes) Documentary SSD3 1990 Wrote and directed the Jungle Taitei Musical Story and Jungle Taitei Musical Story 2, First Love. Directed the Koukyoushi Jungle Taitei video. Directed the animation section of Watashi no Santa Boy. 1991 Directed the Japanese version of the Hungarian movie Suzume ni Natta Shonen (The Boy Who Became a Sparrow). Sound direction for the videos Ichigatsu ni wa Christmas and Yukon Club and the movie Yukon Club 2. Wrote and directed the Kaze no Tailiku CD. 1992 Directed the Walt Disney television series Little Mermaid. Music director for the Magma Taishi CD. Directed Tomodachi de Iyou Ne for television and video. Directed the television series Yadamon. 1993,4 Sound director for the television series Karimero. 1994 Wrote and directed the animation for the movie Hungry Best 5. Present - Animation director for the television short Stray Ship 1995 Wrote the two hour drama, Let's be a Family Again with Shigeki Chiba which won the Media Arts Festival Encouragement Award). Directed the video Kishin Doushi Zenki Rei no Maki. 1996 Directed the CDs Ginga Tetsudou no Yoru and Gusukobudori no Denki. Wrote and directed the Thelma no Shishu CD. 1997 Wrote Clock Tower 2 for CD and radio. Directed and wrote the dramatization for the play A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Burstman Theatre. Directed the short Wachi Feild Monochrome Theater. Created storyboards for the game Shining Force III OPCG. Director and Sound Director for the Gusukobudori no Denki DVD. 1998 Produced and directed the play Suisei Monogatari at the Burstman Theatre. Wrote, directed and created storyboards for the short Wachi,Fuiirudo Monochrome Theatre II. Organized and directed Yunosuke Yamamoto's cello recital, the Memorial Classic Concert Gosh Playing the Cello at the Suntory Hall Small Hall. 1999 Wrote and directed the movie Zeno, Kagirinaki Ai Ni. Original story, script, sound direction and direction of the video Seimei Gensoukyouku. Organized and directed Kumiko Osugi's 30th anniversary concert. 2000 Animation director for the movie Space Travelers. Direction and sound direction for the Space Travelers, The Animation video. Directed the video Tare Panda. Present Script direction for the movie Freddy the Leaf, now in production. Original story, script, sound direction and direction for the video Seimei Gasso Kyouku, now in production. Sound director for the television series Gravitation, being broadcast now.