Manga Researcher

YAMADA made her debut as a manga writer in commercial publications in 1998 with her article *Who Does the 'Year 24 Group' Refer to?* in the *Comic Box* magazine. Starting with her earliest temp job at the Kawasaki City Museum, she has been involved for over 20 years in manga exhibition, acquisition and preservation. In 2008 she supervised the *Ballet Manga -Leap above the beauty-* exhibition at the Kyoto International Manga Museum. In recent years she has frequently interviewed or emceed roundtables of such prominent girls' manga artists as HAGIO Moto, YAMAGISHI Ryoko, and IKEDA Riyoko. Since 2009 she has been a director of the Japan Society for Studies in Cartoon and Comics. She is also on the staff of the Yoshihiro Yonezawa Memorial Library of Manga and Subcultures at Meiji University.

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