Game Designer

Born in 1964. Game designer and writer. Responsible for the concept, screenplay and direction of a large number of games, including Puyo Puyo, Baroque, King of Wands, and Sozo to kotoba (Imagination and Words). His publications include Shigoto wo 100 bai tanoshiku suru project kouryaku bon (A Guide to Multiplying the Fun of Your Job by a Hundredfold) [KK Bestsellers], Jibun dake ni shika omoitsukanai aidea o mitsukeru hoho (How to Come Up with Ideas that Only You Can Find) [Nikkei Publishing], and Shiko tsuuru to shite no tarot (Tarot as a Tool for Thinking) [Kindle]. He is a member of the public gathering of haiku poets Tokyo Mach. He serves as a full-time lecturer for the Advanced Editing and Writing class organized by Sendenkaigi, and as a lecturer for the Training Hall of Expression at Ikebukuro Community College.

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