© Electronic Shadow

8th Art Division Grand Prize

3 minutes²

Installation [Belgium / France]

Electronic Shadow (Naziha MESTAOUI & Yacine AIT KACI)


An image is projected onto an uneven white space. A different space with a certain depth suddenly arises within the real world, and the story of man and woman, projected by silhouettes, starts unfolding. This work shows us some potential for future image expression.

Reason for Award

When I saw this visual image projected on the box-shaped screen reminiscent of a white interior space for the first time, I felt a subtle surprise. The space and visual images look somewhat familiar, yet very new. The quietly developing drama of man and woman depicted in a silhouette gives an illusion as if the viewers could identify themselves with the figures and move into the story. This new work of visual image is a visual installation created by careful calculation. We are also looking forward to seeing the evolution of this work which gives a glimpse of the future possibilities in visual image expression. We have, therefore, awarded this prize.