21st Entertainment Division Jury Selections

Cosmic short stories “The one and the other” “Sunspots and the boy”

Video work

TANAKA Mizuto / OGUNI Shirou / HASE Eriko / HONDA Ashita / TAMARU Masatomo / 100%ORANGE / NAGASAKI Kuniko / KUBOTA Wataru [Japan]


The writer of spirited short-short stories, TAMA- RU Masatomo, authored this video work, which uses the NHK program on space, COSMIC FRONT☆NEXT as subject matter. While a well- known illustrator draws pictures live as the story progresses, the narrative is read aloud by KA- MIKI Ryunosuke and KIKUCHI Akiko, to music provided by KUBOTA Wataru. This innovative, space-themed picture scroll rolls story, art, nar- ration, and music into one.