8th Animation Division Excellence Award

ACIDMAN short film “SAI (Part 1) / Revolving…to the core”

Animated short film [Japan]


Reason for Award

The visual images typified by music videos are created to accompany and therefore also dependent on music. As a result, they tend only to try to fit the rhythm and beat of the music, which makes the images seem as though they are “graded based on a model answer”. However, this particular work manages to perfectly unite music and image; it seems nonsensical to argue about the visual image’s subordinacy here; it is in fact a musical image. The emotions evoked by these pictures have a powerful rhythm, which can even make us feel as though the music was composed for the image. CG is necessary for this visual expression, but it is not all that is needed to create it. Although the approach used in this piece is not entirely new, the arrangement and setup have acquired a high degree of perfection, being a result of the long honed sense of the creator for what is suitable. Honestly, I was moved in my heart by this expression, which conveys to us the feeling of flesh and blood, and even its temperature.