© okamoto noriaki

12th Animation Division Encouragement Prize


Animated short film [Japan]



An artificial star where machines create nature. Many card-shaped robots are working. The professor is the only human being. The monitor screen is swallowed by another monitor on the screen, and as they stack up, the chain of images balloons. This is an ambitious work that presses on environmental issues and the human mind.

Reason for Award

The extremely shallow depth of focus, and the déjà vu of looking at a discolored ancient record of a distant foreign country, make us almost forget that this is a digitally created work of the present day. The story of a world that is simple and without futility is both tranquil and sad. Apart from the time factor, there are now hardly any technical impediments to image creation; the quality of a work depends more on the ideas and vision of the artist. With regard to that, this artist has an aesthetic that deepens his composition by focusing on a sense of texture rather than a sense of volume; I am looking forward to his future work.