© Ryo Okawara

13th Animation Division Encouragement Prize


Animated short film [Japan]



This hand-drawn animation depicts the dynamism of life. All the motions and actions of living are treated as dancing, and synchronized with music. The work makes full use of the characteristics of flat animation such as visualization and linkage of images, and metamorphosis of form.

Reason for Award

The life and death of all living things is depicted dynamically with black charcoal strokes against a solid orange background. Synchronized with music, this animation arouses emotion in the viewer. It reminded me of the Lascaux cave paintings, which could be called the first animation in the world. Though the work could have allowed more refinement, it successfully conveys the tremendous fun the creator must have experienced during the drawing and animating process. The term “animation” derives from the Latin word “anima,” which means life. This work, full of the primordial and forceful attraction of animation, is a worthy winner of the Encouragement Prize.