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13th Entertainment Division Encouragement Prize


Web [Japan]

OGAWA Hiroko,
Representing the Asahi Art Festival production team


This is a website that assembles information and reports about art festivals in Japan, which has been gathered from uploads to YouTube, Flickr, and Twitter by festival organizers and participators, intending to convey the big picture of festivals to the viewer. It is also the purpose of this site to support the activities of art NPOs online by utilizing social networking media, bringing more viewers in from other sites by means of word of mouth.

Reason for Award

Asahi Beer supports people involved in various art-related activities, which is very much valued in itself, but we would also like to applaud the website’s structure and strategy. It mobilizes social networking media to spread information by word of mouth. It is simple, free from frustration, and cultivates new media possibilities. Although there was disagreement as to whether it really constituted entertainment or not, we regard it as an important form in terms of activating the mind. It is innovative and also important to realize that the participants are the active components of the website, which does not generate content itself.