15th Manga Division Jury Selections

Blood diver Ringo and Fishbowl head man

Comics published online (for computer or mobile) [Japan]

ABE Yoichi


Fishbowl head man, a vampire whose head is a goldfish bowl, appears after the rain and sucks the lifeblood out of humans. Then, half an hour or so later, the humans whose blood has been sucked become goldfish. In order to save a victim of the vampire, the apprentice “blood diver” Ringo, who wears a school uniform bathing suit, dives into the blood and battles the enemy, but Ringo is bad at swimming. The hero, an ordinary high school boy, helps her out. This is an ambitious work by a brilliant creator that, despite the unconventional setting, draws the reader in with its strangely real d epiction of the eerie Fishbowl head man and the composition of the story.