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11th Art Division Excellence Award


Interactive art [Japan]

blue elephant


A work realizing telecommunication with a person in a distant place by wind through a screen. Including an example where the flame of a handheld candle is blown off by a person on the screen. Even the breathing of a partner far away can be sent and received.

Reason for Award

Virtual reality does not necessarily involve just the five senses. But the feel of air which fills out a space is important. Only when the air moves and becomes a “wind” do we realize its presence. The feature of this work exists in the leading-edge research and development of input and output units of the wind, i.e. the sensor of the wind and display of the wind more than anything else. Through these, the artist succeeds in linking the touch of wind in the real and virtual environments seamlessly. The work itself might not be categorized as art. However, in the sense that there is a hidden potential for various new arts to be produced, this is a work in which I would like to place great hope.