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12th Entertainment Division Excellence Award

Carbon Footprint

Video work [United Kingdom]

“Carbon Footprint” Development Team (Matt CHANDLER, Representive)


A depiction of a discarded can lying in the street, and gradually corroding. Exquisite CG techniques are used, and the realistic visual expression is captivating. It also effectively conveys a strong message about an environmental issue, in that it takes only a moment for us to decide not to recycle a can, but it would take 50 years for nature to do what we neglected to.

Reason for Award

This video shows us, in one stretch, the 50 year decomposition of an empty beverage can thoughtlessly thrown away on a roadside, oxidized and weathered. A message appears at the end: “IT TAKES A SECOND FOR YOU TO RECYCLE A CAN. IT TAKES 50 YEARS FOR A CAN TO RECYCLE ITSELF.” This message dispassionately conveys two simple facts, an approach in keeping with the channel on which it was broadcast, but it also effectively implies that a decision must be made. A background image of a tree growing, and then cut down and left as a stump, was one of the clever and detailed effects used in this video. High image processing technology, and the skill to make the best of it, has resulted in a strongly expressive message that reaches the viewers simply but effectively. This is a very sophisticated work finished to a high standard.