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6th Special Prize

Chûgoku karano Hikiage-SHÔNENTACHI NO KIOKU (RECOLLECTIONS OF BOYHOOD -Repatriate from China)

Story manga

The Society of Cartoonists Repatriated from China [Japan]


This is a great work in which the cartoonists who have spent their childhood in China (mostly in the former Manchukuo), but later repatriated after the war, have cordially expressed their memories from 60 years ago in the form of a drawing (cartoon) and annotated words to them. Matters which leave a deep impression on a child’s heart are not always tragic. This work makes one realize such a fact. It is interesting to note that most of the cartoonists have produced up-lifting works. This work has been edited by Mr. Jun Ishiko who also repatriated from China, and had intended to let the reader grasp the big picture of the circumstances surrounding the repatriation from Manchukuo with historical evidence and materials. This is a significant publication which well-deserves this Special Award.