9th Art Division Encouragement Prize


Interactive art [Japan]

HASHIMOTO Yuki / KOJIMA Minoru / MITANI Tomoyasu / MIYAJIMA Satoru / NAGAYA Naohisa / OHTAKI Junichiro / YAMAMOTO Akio / INAMI Masahiko

Reason for Award

The creator took notice of the unique texture when “one sucks food through a straw” and brought the simple device to completion by focusing on three phenomena which were the “pressure of the air”, “the vibration of a straw” and “the noise when someone sucks the food”. When one sees its presentation as art, it can be said that the element of entertainment is slightly stronger, but it is impressive that he makes a texture which has been merely a personal experience into an objective sensation which one is able to share with others. There is the possibility of its becoming a new medium of artistic expression for being able to share “feeling good” or “feeling bad” in common with others.