11th Animation Division Excellence Award


Animated TV series [Japan]

ISO Mitsuo


The scene is Daikoku-shi in the near future, 202X. A wearable computer denno megane through which the wearer can enjoy a cyber world has a great run among children. In these circumstances, OKONOGI Yuko who is moved into Daikoku-shi experiences a series of strange incidents.

Reason for Award

This work received a high score also in the second audit and no member disagreed with selecting this work. If Coo had not entered the contest, this work probably would have won the Grand Prize and even so, some believe this year’s Grand Prize should have gone to this work. This work may become a masterpiece later, creating its own new genre. It is the genuine value of this piece that makes us “dream” of it. Although a viewer does not understand the details, he sees the tenseness, conflict, and desire in the world where children live. Being a well-made juvenile animation makes this work “easy to watch.” If you consider this, the staff’s approach must have been focused there. This piece does not talk about “sometime in the future” but depicts “isolation and ties in the present society” which we live in. The staff of this work may not be the only ones who had projected this kind of story. Many peers may think “They got me there!”