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14th Art Division Grand Prize


Installation [Switzerland]



Cycloïd-E is a sound sculpture composed of five horizontally-articulated revolving tubes, which produces spectral tones through state-of-theart speakers. The motor-driven tubes, which swing like pendulums, are metal cylinders equipped with audio sources and scales. The sound resonates in sync with the revolving motion. Each pendulum outlines a precise trajectory, but taken together as an ensemble, all pendulums swing in unpredictable and mesmerizing patterns, producing a composition of tones.

Reason for Award

Transfiguration of consciousness and physical sensitivity that overwhelms with its material touch
Cycloïd-E is a sound sculpture composed of five movable metal arms, with a length of 1 meter each, instal led on a pedestal equipped with an internal motor. The overall diameter of movement of the arms reaches 10meters. The five interlinked arms swing in unpredictable and dancelike patterns following the movements of the axis of rotation on the pedestal. The sound sources produce a mel ody that keeps changing according to the speed of rotation of the tubes.
This sound sculpture is unique with its overwhelming material touch, which is seen as an inverse image of the invisible realms symbolized by the Internet, particularly against the backdrop of the global expansion of the worldwide web. However, the theme of this work does not embrace concepts such as externality and antihuman alterity. What matters is the transfiguration of space, time and our consciousness and physical sensitivity triggered by the sound sculpture. Upon facing it, spectators are sure to experience spiritual awe that goes beyond the limits of the purely physical.