11th Entertainment Division Excellence Award


Website [Japan]



A work released on the website of a fabrication brand of headwear, “Weave Toshi” which has shops in Japan and London. There is no button or scroll bar on the screen but a viewer can operate the development of the image by circling the pointer. This work shows a hat, the shape of which is hard to explain, infinitely close as it is to a three dimensional image.

Reason for Award

As a result of the relatively recent establishment of sophisticated networking technology and an environment that facilitates the use of music and images, there were, this year, a remarkable number of entries utilizing those high technologies. Amongst these, this work was noticeable in that it did not rely on one particular technology and well received because it sought to integrate controlling and viewing into one action without an interface; this resulted in the creation of a unique experience. All that is needed in order to control the website is to roll the mouse cursor clockwise or anticlockwise on the screen. When this is done, the sequence of images moves like a picture story show; a man appears and begins spinning a hat in his hands. How we let people recognize as much as possible something as difficult to explain as hats three-dimensionally, is the question to which this artist has drawn an excellent answer, and not by simply seizing on the latest technologies, but by creating a rich image in the mind of the user.