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15th Entertainment Division New Face Award

Digital Warrior Sanjigen

Game [Japan]



In this 3D action game, which takes as its motif television programs about teams of superheroes, the battles progress according to the scenarios of the programs. Red, blue and green are given the respective roles, and the game alternates between scenes of battles with the enemies and scenes of recapturing the energy from the enemies while directing the battle of wits. The game screen has been designed to be reminiscent of the superhero programs familiar to Japanese children from early Sunday mornings, and the time displayed and guide program listings are also linked into this. It is a work that incorporates a certain playfulness into the scenario, with a system that prevents players from progressing unless they understand what they should do in advance and complete the battle according to the scenario in the program listings.

Reason for Award

Superhero programs turned into a meta-game
There is a certain predicament faced by all television programs: even the most puzzling murder mystery must be solved by its master detective before the broadcast ends. This game, although rough in places, turns this television metaphor to advantage. Although the creator’s intent may have been elsewhere, this is why the game has received an award. The game’s novel interface, for example, employs the metaphor of “newspaper television listings” to show objectively on the screen the game scenario that the player is likely to experience. This transcends superficial gimmickry and has the effect of greatly influencing the player’s visual recognition.