© asitanonki

12th Animation Division Excellence Award


Animated short film [Japan]



A dream of a sleeping horse. The image, which changes endlessly, conveys soft warmth like an embroidered picture book. Its characters are lovable and this is a well-balanced work with a sophisticated and edgy sensibility.

Reason for Award

The embroidery in the pictures links with the images of embroidery, and leaves the viewer with a warm feeling. The impression is one of delicate embroidery. In the case of the short animations, the style of the entries can be divided into art, works for children, and short drama. Among these works, this one in particular seems to be created with a limited sensitivity, and to be designed for women. This is the only work of its kind. Did the artist do this unconsciously or have jury members played into the artist’s hands? In either case, it was undeniable that this work had a special presence compared to the other entries. We would very much like to see the next work of this artist.