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3rd Digital Art (Interactive Art) Division Grand Prize

Entertainment Robot AIBO (ERS-110)


“Entertainment Robot AIBO (ERS-110)” Development Team [Japan]


The most interesting feature of “AIBO the Entertainment Robot” is that it is a unique four footed robot that was not designed for industrial use, but for home entertainment use only. In fact, it is the only one of it’s kind. AIBO has the ability to learn from it’s environment based on emotional and instinctual models and it’s reactions change dependent upon human interaction. The eighteen motors give AIBO total freedom of movement. In fact, it’s hard to imagine, from it’s sharp mechanical appearance, the charming movements that it can make.

Reason for Award

The free-standing Entertainment Robot AIBO brings together Japan’s vaunted high-tech electronics, robotics, software, and artificial intelligence into a single package that features both a charming character design and lively entertainment. AIBO is a work that in one fell swoop opens up an entirely new area of creativity and creates a new entertainment. It is a work that makes us sense the dawn of the new millennium.