19th Manga Division New Face Award

esoragoto (Absurd Ideas)

Self-published comic

nerunodaisuki [Japan]


Seven short stories depict a “fairytale” world i n which humans, animals, and inanimate things naturally converse with each other. The daily lives of the main character and a roommate buried in the walls of a house they share unfolds in esoragotoOther side is about the main character who discovers on the Internet how to visit the afterlife. In COSA, the main character finds a job cleaning the derrieres of Shiba dogs. In Henohenomohe, the main character asks a pest terminator to get rid of a large white creature that suddenly appeared on his farm. These short stories have simplified, cat-like characters set against detailed backgrounds. While appearing to be realistic, a close inspection reveals parallel worlds populated by peculiar inhabitants with differing common sense, customs, and perspectives.

Reason for Award

This humorous work by the artist –named peculiarly as nerunodaisuki (I love to sleep) – bewilders the readers. The readers are lured into a fantastical labyrinth by the contrast between simplified characters and detailed background scenes, reminiscent of MIZUKI Shigeru style. On the other hand, this piece is imbued with twisted humor suggestive of American underground comics. In addition to the appeal of easygoing characters, the development of the surreal story that maximizes liberated imagination provides us, not only thrilling uncertainly, but also with a sense of the artist’s talents and potentials. We look forward to his future works. (FURUNAGA Shinichi)