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24th Entertainment Division U-18 Award

Flight Fit VR

Application, VR game

MORIYA Anju[Japan]


This VR application gives a handy at-home workout with virtual scenery and pleasant music. The creator points out the reduction of our muscle mass and physical activity today, due to technology development and declining needs to go out, including dining, shopping, and working. This game was created to address these issues. Players can do exercises, such as leg muscle workout by riding a dragon and core workout on the ocean, while enjoying the scenery and game elements. Unlike existing fitness games, the target demographic of this game includes single people and the elderly. It can be played sitting down, and this casualness is also one of its features.

Reason for Award

Fitness games are gaining popularity in recent years, and various games are available, including many similar ones and VR games. Under these circumstances, this game’s novelty lies in the exercising moves that are linked to the movements of the dragon rider on the screen. This controllability can be used not only for fitness purposes, but also for pursuing the entertainment value of video games in the future. This reinterpretation of the user interface was considered a representation of the young creator’s fresh sense and flexible ideas, and was highly rated. (SAYAWAKA)