9th Animation Division Grand Prize


Animated short film

SAKAKIBARA Sumito [Japan]


A composition in which a fixed observing point from high above looks down on seasons in a town where people are repeating daily activities peacefully. As a viewer watches, before long, he or she will take notice that a drama of growth and development of a woman is slipped into the screen. A piece of work which shows the time of one’s life quietly.

Reason for Award

An open space which seems to be a part of a small village is projected directly into the work like a picture scroll, in this planar composition. In this place, pea-sized people are chasing cats, riding on a bike, holding a wedding, and crossing a bridge with the help of a stick. And now, never knowing when the camera will zoom in on these people, the scene never shifts from the original composition and people continue chasing cats endlessly, go on riding bikes, holding weddings repeatedly, and crossing the bridge with a help of a stick over and over. The viewers will find various things in the relativity of those people and their endless activities going on as if in a loop. If modern animation is a medium which is capable of making anything into form in whatever way using developing technology, this work is exceptional in slipping the simple concept of repetition into the work.