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21st Entertainment Division Excellence Award


Multimedia production

“FORESTA LUMINA” Production Team [Canada]


Wanting to showcase its charms, Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook commis- sioned the production team to create FORESTA LUMINA, an illuminated night walk through the forest. Visi- tors are invited to discover an en- chanted trail winding 2.6 km through the woods. As they walk through the mysterious forest, visitors meet char- acters inspired by the area’s myths and legends, who draw them into an immersive adventure.The scenography, combining projec- tions and lighting, is accompanied by an ethereal soundtrack. The result is an unparalleled sensory experience. The production team custom-made the entire experience, including perforated metal panels resembling ancient manuscripts, lighting units designed to look like fairies, video mapping on natural elements and more. The multimedia installations are seamlessly integrated into the surroundings, creating an all-encom- passing sense of magic.

Reason for Award

FORESTA LUMINA is an amazing ap- proach that turns a forest that offered no appeal to people into content ca- pable of communicating the beauty and context of the place by enticing numerous visitors. Currently, the at- tempt to turn places into content through this kind of presentation is gaining momentum worldwide. The originality of video and light expres- sion in this production restores the value brought to the location. It can be called game-changing artwork that overturns existing concepts. FORESTA LUMINA is well known among people in administration and local government even in Japan, and undeniably plans will further grow for tourist attractions that include region- al revitalization contexts and turning locations into entertainment through the power of this kind of content. Every element of the extremely so- phisticated design, including the uti- lization of video and light, the design of hands-on experience, and the sce- nario are highly rated. (SAITO Seiichi)