23rd Entertainment Division Social Impact Award

Free Transport nommoc


YOSHIDA Takumi [Japan]


It is a common assumption that transportation is a means and to get a ride in a vehicle, we must pay for it. Here is a service that turns this notion on its head and provides new added value to transportation. Users register their personal information in a smartphone app, dispatch a vehicle by selecting a destination, and then ride in it while watching advertisements on an in-car display. In some cases, in the internal space of a vehicle separated from the outside world, riders are offered experiential advertisements involving such products as music, fragrances, food, beverages, and makeup. Through repeated use, the AI learns riders’ behavioral patterns and preferences and develops the ability to offer them suggestions relevant to their destination along with other travel information. The service not only benefits the riders but also the advertisers, as they can now collect various data such as gender, age, employment information, hobbies and preferences through a survey taken during the registration process. By narrowing down the vehicle dispatch areas, they can conduct detailed targeting. Additionally, by implementing O2O (online to offline), a new type of business model and scheme equipped with transportation marketing data, this offering of a new type of transportation experience has been made possible.

Reason for Award

The Social Impact Prize is a new award just introduced this year. It is given to work that has actually been implemented in society, bringing major change in, and making significant impact on such areas as the concept of media technology and people’s behavior patterns. This year’s winner is a taxi that one can ride free of charge and that has been implemented to properly function in society. Whether we’re at a movie theater or riding in a taxi, we normally pay money and then are automatically shown advertisements that we have no interest in. This project objects to this current method of advertising and even sublimates the way in which advertisements are presented. At this Japan Media Arts Festival, there is no way we can ignore the practical impact of this work. Being driven by technology is not a strong suit for Japan, and there should be more and more technology-driven ideas being implemented in our society. Uber was born in the US but nommoc was created by a young Japanese artist who is to be congratulated on winning this award. (KAWADA Tom)