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14th Animation Division Excellence Award

Fumiko’s Confession

Animated short film [Japan]

ISHIDA Hiroyasu


Fumiko, who has a crush on Takashi, tells her feelings to him only to be rejected. Crying out, Fumiko starts to run. Just like the wind, Fumiko runs through the town, rolling down steep stairs, falling off the cliff, and flying over the shopping promenade where does she find herself in the end? In this animation, a story of a desperate “confession” by a pure-hearted high school girl unfolds with a unique depiction of angles and speedy actions.

Reason for Award

The product of Japanese animation sensibilities that displays incredible “sprint”
This is a remarkable victory made by the act of “sprint,” a special privilege enjoyed by the younger generation. (Is this sense of “sprint” popular around the world today? Look at Oktapodi, a film that was nominated for the 81th Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film) This piece’s consistent lighthearted style and the contrasting rhythm of story development that accelerates from “running,” to “aerial running,” to “flying,” draw the audiences in, all the while offering an overwhelming sense of pleasure…Offering a sense of exhilaration through speed is truly a style that is a product of Japanese animation.
In other words, for a small group of students to undertake a professional-level production process appears to be a goal that the artist is currently focusing on.
Could the dr ive to achieve this level of quality that is almost too phenomenal for a third-year college student be a straightforward manifestation of creativity that believes in the “humor” and “inspiration of movement,” which are the original allure of animation?