16th Animation Division New Face Award


Animated short film

MIZUSHIRI Yoriko [Japan]


You crawl inside your futon and everything — from the memories in your mind to thoughts of the future, recalled sensations, sexuality — all melt together into a single pleasant feeling. In the futon, your body wanders around in search of sensation. The soft texture of this animated work was achieved by drawing images on paper and then incorporating them into the picture f rame via tracing paper. Futon deals with the relationship between movement and the senses.

Reason for Award

Futon is a delicately woven work. Words like “nonchalant” and “unconcerned” seem like a fitting description. Although Futon displays some of the fetishistic qualities of WADA Atsushi’s work, it is actually a completely different kind of piece. But this is not to suggest that the body parts appearing in the work are thoughtless scribbles; MIZUSHIRI’s simple yet carefully rendered line drawings give them shape. In the futon, the body moves this way and that across a sheet of white paper, wandering around in search of a sensation until finally assuming the form of a fixed line drawing that vigorously segments the space. The work then becomes animated and unfolds at a leisurely pace. I’m looking forward to watching this artist develop in the future.