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16th Entertainment Division Excellence Award


Video game



By freely altering the pull of gravity, you can “ fall” in any direction in this action-adventure game that offers a new kind of sensation. The game, specially made for the PlayStation®Vita system, has received a great deal of attention for its extremely advanced design and functions, including the “gravityaction” feature that provides an innovative playing experience, attractive characters, a distinctive visual styl e inspired by bandes dessinées (French and Belgian comics), and beautiful music. A girl named Gravity Kitten, who lost her memory after waking up in the floating city of Hekseville, acquires the power to manipulate gravity from a mysterious black cat called Dusty, and gradually grows stronger af ter overcoming countless ordeals. But what does Gravity Kitten discover as she attempts to uncover a conspiracy afoot in Hekseville?

Reason for Award

GRAVITY DAZE is just the kind of game that merits appraisal at the Media Arts Festival. The games that appear on the market today emphasize sophistication over novelty. They offer all the bells and whistles that games can provide as entertainment, then compete over what sort of scenario they can develop atop that. GRAVITY DAZE, however, has invented a new kind of pleasure, that of manipulating gravity – and at a level of creative sophistication unmatched by other games. It puts the sensors built into the Vita playstation to brilliant use, making the hardware not merely a product but part of the game. It is a work that proves that we have yet to exhaust the possibilities of games.