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11th Animation Division Excellence Award


Animated TV series [Japan]

IMAISHI Hiroyuki (Director)


What is a really fun to watch robot animation? The work goes back to basics of TV animation. In the distant future, where people are forced to live underground, this work depicts an adventure of the main characters who have escaped back to the surface.

Reason for Award

The second screening process was not favorable for this work and there was a strong objection, and opinions split into two types. “All the contents are retreads and quotations.” “This sort of work has been created many times.” This work was already rejected for these two reasons once before. Certainly, this work has gadgetized memories of old pieces and has substantial density. However, that is not to say that the true appeal of this work is not there. What gadgetized is, is only a “set scene,” but the core of the presentation is “expression quality of animation which the creators believe.” They say that the “technique” is not nostalgia, but active and forward-looking. I suppose the reason why there was such a strong recommendation for this work is the power of the creators’ voice.