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13th Entertainment Division Grand Prize

Hibi No Neiro(Tone of Everyday)

Video work

Masashi KAWAMURA / Hal KIRKLAND / Magico NAKAMURA / Masayoshi NAKAMURA [Japan / United States]


“What are the really important things for us in this world that is flooded with various senses of value?” The answer to this song-like question should be the same no matter how much our civilization has evolved. This music video was done by editing video materials shot with webcams by cooperating fans, and conveys to us the feeling of connecting with people.

Reason for Award

It was the intention of the artists to create the illusion of a grid of unedited and amateur webcam movies, so that the viewer is initially fooled into thinking that they are watching a typical YouTube image. Then, when the images start interacting and moving around beyond the grids, the viewer is surprised and successfully drawn in. All of them are well calculated in their direction, and the planning to make them real is excellent. The artists must have done an enormous amount of preparation beforehand to ensure all the grid movies interacted as planned before shooting the images; they must have repeated this procedure many times. That this video looks as though it is a collation of webcam images is testament to its excellence of execution. Moreover, the people who communicate with one another beyond the grid and over the Web, overlaps with the theme of the tune. It is not only a brilliant visual video, but also successfully fulfills its role as a music video. The artists have certainly proved their outstanding ability as the professionals.