© Keiko Kimoto

10th Art Division Grand Prize

Imaginary・Numbers 2006


KIMOTO Keiko [Japan]


A work that realizes through computer programming the high-resolution display of non-linear structures generated when complex natural phenomena are expressed using equations. Particles of light trace globules and swirls which play out in a dazzling dance.

Reason for Award

This is the latest work in a series that explores organic and biological dynamics using a nonlinear mathematical model, a subject that the artist has been researching for many years. As the particles dance dynamically in the visual space created by the mathematical model, we are reminded of the things we see in social and natural phenomena, such as “the individual and the group” or “the part and the whole”. The excellence of this work is facilitated by the latest computer technology, but above all is the result of a keen artistic sensibility. It is very interesting work.