© Atsushi Wada / Tokyo University of the Arts

14th Animation Division Excellence Award

In a pig’s eye

Animated short film [Japan]

WADA Atsushi


There is a pig in front of the house. There are people in the house. Everyone knows about the pig, and the pig is aware of everyone, but none of them knows how and to what extent everyone else or the pig knows about each other. Mom doesn’t know about Dad, either… Drawn with mechanical pencil with its 0.3mm diameter lead on zarabanshi (coarse paper), the animation delivers a unique sense of image that utilizes the texture of the paper and the heterogeneity of lines.

Reason for Award

Animation brought to life through a distinctive rhythm
In a pig’s eye doesn’t understand. But then again, this may not be a film that audiences should try to understand to begin with. It feels as if we are learning TaiChi as we try to match our breath to that of the artist’s. Without even realizing it, we become dragged into his distinct rhythm of time and space.
To begin with, his pictures are quite unique, as if they are of those found on very old advertisements of pills or ointments left behind in the subconscious that have suddenly sprung back to life, or of Japanese paintings by MACHIDA Kumi (though her style is quite different) whose motor skills have been retarded.
Regardless, I believe this artist’s style is quite remarkable.
Residents of “WADA World” proliferate all around while emitting such sounds as “Fu!” and “Ha!” Animated underpants men and breaths (there’s the theme of “breath” again) of limp pigs blow a man up in the air with their strange rhythm of time and space.