12th Art Division Encouragement Prize


Installation [Japan]



This is an installation containing parts of the human body, sound, and visual images. Using simply drawn animation, it depicts human figures emerging in the creases of the visual image, people passing by, the edge of the shore, and an interview with an old man. At first glance, things are arranged without any seeming connection, but in fact, this installation shows the various ways the artist is interested in human beings.

Reason for Award

This work was presented in a graduate exhibition of Tokyo University of the Arts. It combines animations depicting everyday life in Japan with surrealistic touches by TABAIMO and conceptual and poetic hand-drawn animations such as the works of William Kentridge or Francis Alys. Screens depicting pedestrian traffic drawn with rhythmical lines, leaving an impression of hand-drawn textures, and screens showing heartwarming animations of an interview with an old man are combined in different sizes on a multi-projection screen. This installation is impressive and has an appealing power to quietly strike a chord with the audience.