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14th Entertainment Division Encouragement Prize

iPad magic

Others [Japan]



This is a performance film presented on the website on May 28, 2010, the day the multi-touch device iPad first appeared on the market in Japan. In front of the Apple Store in Ginza, a man performs magic tricks using iPad while talking about the “past and future of communication.” This presentation was delivered by utilizing conditions such as timing and place at the turning point of the history of media.

Reason for Award

Brilliant perspective that drew the interest of many
This is a movie of a street performance using an iPad. It does not explain the functions of the iPad nor does it describe any of the applications developed by the artist. As the title indicates, the artist simply performs magic tricks using an iPad.
A great deal of hard work must have gone into learning and mastering the use of a device. However, the movie, just like magic, entertains us in a very lighthearted tempo without giving away even a hint of the mechanism that exists behind the scenes. The movie also offers us the hope that in the future, we may all be able to do things that today, limited by our current scientific capabilities, can only be done by magic.
This piece has enjoyed a large volume of views on YouTube, indicating that it is a movie that attracts a great deal of interest.
The artist’s imaginative ideas and entertainment value of using an iPad to perform magic tricks has received high points.