11th Art Division Excellence Award


Video work [Japan]



The promotion film of a new brand, A-POC INSIDE. by ISSEY MIYAKE. Employing the expertise of cognitive science, the group achieved the expression of animated movement of fashion models through a composition using only white points and letters on a black background.

Reason for Award

The movements of fashion models in a fashion show are represented using only white dots. The reason we can recognize that the movements are those of fashion models is that viewers have the memory of the distinctive movement of fashion models and this image proves that the memory can be recalled by seeing only white dots when viewers watch them. This piece of work employs a totally different technique from highly entertaining works which convey a visual presentation in a unilateral way. This work is created based on the presupposition of human capabilities and is an excellent production which proposes a shape based on real communication taking a stance from the audiences’ side. White dots form letters, dots are connected by lines, and the relation of connections is changing from time to time. This means that A-POC’s techniques of creating clothes go into the brand ISSEY MIYAKE, at the same time, it seems that it reveals the experimental trials in every relationship.