© Alvaro Cassinelli

9th Art Division Grand Prize

Khronos Projector

Interactive art [Uruguay]



When a viewer touches the screen, in the area indented by the pressure of their finger, time in the screen changes back and forth. The image which changes in real time corresponding to the viewer’s action gives a sort of pleasurable sensation as if he or she is manipulating time with perfect freedom.

Reason for Award

This work gives one the feeling of a new era. It beautifully represents the novelty of the imagination with sophisticated technological skills. The major point is the interaction using an elasticized screen which elegantly enables one to have a dynamic experience in which one can move the layer of time freely. This idea includes possibilities of every presentation and it will be interesting to see how it proceeds from here. It would be better to pursue the motif of the image which is projected on the screen. When expression of the deep thought is achieved, it could produce a high-quality finished form as a piece of art.