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22nd Manga Division New Face Award

KIIROI ENBAN (Yellow Disk)

KIJIMA Tenshin [Japan]


A collection of five “bizarre horror” shorts by an artist whose style is quite unique. In Enban (Disk), the earth faces a crisis due to a giant “disk” that appears in outer space, and a disc jockey who handles similar “disks” (records) faces the challenge. In Plus-Minus Zero, a swimsuit model worries about her outie belly button. Whenever she pushes it in to hide it, various other body parts pop out. In Takara-ge and kuroko-ge, a neighbors’ child is a human-shaped hairball. As the protagonist peeps into the complicated relationships of the family next door, he becomes intrigued by them. The outlandish ideas and the format that makes readers coast through it all can be classified as comedy. At the same time, however, these are remarkably well made as horror stories that all of a sudden tear away the reader’s sensibilities from what is considered common sense.
LEED CAFE (LEED Publishing)
September 2016-Series still in progress

Reason for Award

They are eccentric. Human body hair starts walking around with a personality, and a human brain merges with an intestine. Strange, ridiculous ideas that we would never think to make pictures of are portrayed using a peculiar, saccharine drawing style and sophisticated, easy-to-read formats, making for an unforgettable work. While his work is now at the boundary between horror and comedy, we suspect that this artist still possesses other “drawers” of creative potential. Thus it is with great expectation that his work was selected for the New Face Award. We want to see more of his brilliant ability to draw readers into his seemingly sci-fi but actually nonsensical baloney.
(OMOTE Tomoyuki)