Photo: Moriya Shinichi

23rd Special Achievement Award


Media Artist / Photographer


Born in 1943 in Tokyo. As a student at the Tama Art University in 1966, KOHMURA, together with TSUCHIYA Haruki of the Graduate School at the University of Tokyo, formed Computer Technique Group (CTG), Japan’s first computer art group. As a representative of the first generation of international computer artists, CTG has presented its work at numerous exhibitions, such as Cybernetic Serendipity (London, 1968), Computer Art: Media Transformation through Electronics (Tokyo Gallery, Tokyo, 1968), the International Psytech Art Exhibition—ELECTROMAGICA 69 (Ginza Sony Building, Tokyo, 1969), the 6th Paris Youth Biennale (Paris, 1969), and Computer-Kunst—On the Eve of Tomorrow (Germany, 1969). After the group dissolved in 1969, KOHMURA participated in the 46th Venice Biennale “Trans Culture” (Italy, 1995), the Library of Babel (NTT Intercommunication Culture Center [ICC], Tokyo, 1998), and in many other events. As an educator, he has taught at the University of Tsukuba, the Kyoto University of Art and Design, the Tohoku University of Art & Design, and Chukyo University. Many of his students of advanced theory of media art and computer graphics went on to make outstanding achievements in their fields.

Reason for Award

The immense global impact of CTG and KOHMURA’s subsequent activities on the international stage need no explanation. I would like to highlight here, however, the following two points. The first is his unique presence, which had such an enormous impact on the younger generation during his teaching at various universities. The second is his ability to create the enormous works through which he continues to intervene in a current trend that has people being overwhelmed by the enormity of the media environment, and then falling into a state where they see only what they want to see. I believe it is time to revisit KOHMURA’s aesthetic claim that all things in life, even those that remain unseen, are equally beautiful. (AKIBA Fuminori)