©︎ Sandrine Deumier + Myriam Bleau

Festival Platform Award
Dome Theater Category


Audiovisual work

Sandrine DEUMIER / Myriam BLEAU[France / Canada]


An immersive audiovisual project for full-dome format with a theme on a potential symbiosis between the human being and a state of rediscovered nature. Through ecosophy and inter-species mutualism, it explores how we humans could resonate with a mutant nature, a plant-becoming environment, or non-human lives. The visualization designed in multiple scenes evokes a cybernetic garden that combines mechanical and biological beings. In there, humans are huddled around each other floating in a sea of wires that can be seen either as electronic parts, plants, animals, or insects. The work, in search of a non-human and hyper-natural bio sensitivity, addresses the critical issues of climate change and extinction of species while offering the viewers an immersive and potentially world view changing experience.

Reason for Award

A monotone world with shifting plant-like life forms—a fusion of human beings and nature. Its unique visual effect is accompanied by highly perfected audio. It was highly rated as the judges agreed that it would provide a magnificently immersive experience when viewed in a dome theater. There seemed to be many entries that were designed for a full dome experience but lacked visual appeal, or had visual appeal but did not make full use of the dome environment. Among them, this work has both a visual appeal and an interesting dome experience, and is expected to provide a new visual experience when it is completed. (KAWAMURA Masashi)