Mœbius & Jodorowsky, l’Incal, version classique
©Les Humanoïdes Associés, SAS – Paris, 2010

15th Manga Division Jury Selections


Manga published in book form, in magazine

Alexandro JODOROWSKY (Story) / Mœbius (Artist) / HARA Masato (Translation)


This is one of the leading works by the master of the French comic world, Mœbius. This is the first complete translation of the long-form SF comic L’INCAL, the original story for which was written by the cult movie genius Jodorowsky. An unattractive private investigator into whose hands the mysterious life form “the Incal,” which is said to control the destiny of space, happens to fall, is drawn into a major galactic conflict focusing on the Incal. This is a space opera comic focusing on a hero who is forced to overcome absurd environments amidst a variety of ulterior motives, such as those of the government, guerrilla organizations and aliens who are planning the conquest of space.