MATSUMOTO by Laurent Frédéric Bollée & Philippe Nicloux © Editions Glénat 2015 by Laurent Frédéric Bollée & Philippe Nicloux – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

21st Manga Division Jury Selections


Manga published in book form, in magazine

LF Bollée / Philippe Nicloux / Translation: HARA Masato [France/Japan]


A bande dessinée manga inspired by the 1994 incident that occurred in Matsumoto City, this work takes the perspectives of both the reli- gious cult that developed the deadly nerve agent gas and caused the incident, as well as that of Matsumoto City citizens. At the same time, it tells of the fear of indiscriminate vio- lence that exists wherever we turn in our everyday lives. This is a work of social advo- cacy.