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15th Manga Division New Face Award


Published on website / mobile [Japan]



Tsugumi is a girl who tends to be unable to interact with her surrounding environment, rather than blending in; during the summer of her senior year at high school, she suddenly begins attending a preparatory school focused on art, with the aim of taking the entrance examinations for art college. Even at preparatory school, she just silently draws pictures and does not try to make friends with her classmates, so her behavior is a source of anxiety for her lecturer, Yaguchi. Through this depiction of an eccentric young girl who does not fit into society, and who grows through her relationships with those around her, the artist has vividly described the universal themes of adolescence, namely love and friendship.

Reason for Award

A funny, trendy youth drama realized as a mobile phone manga
Many approaches have been taken to addressing the problem of displaying manga on the small screens of mobile phones. Taking a simple-is-best approach, the author adopts the method of moving forward one frame with each click. People who are socially inept make fumbling contact with the world outside and gain an awareness of each other’s feelings. The bluntness and blandness of the author’s female protagonist may be key to enabling the reader to virtually experience her sense of hope and anxiety.