© 1999 Hisaichi Ishii / Hatake Jimusyo / TGNHB

3rd Animation Division Excellence Award

My Neighbors the Yamada

Animated feature film

TAKAHATA Isao (Director) [Japan]

Reason for Award

The daily failures and slapstick nonsense of the Yamada family, three generations of Yamada’s living under one roof. Sometimes you howl with laughter, sometimes you feel a wry smile on your face. Sometimes you are moved out of sympathy for the characters. A blueprint of the Japanese family, a portrait of the families we have all lost, told in a series of ten collections of short episodes. The poison pen of cartoonist Hisaichi Ishii has been transformed here into almost Haiku-like watercolors, soft and gentle. It’s the world of film great Yasujiro Ozu,transmuted into animation. In both technique and production, this work writes anew pagein the history of Japanese animation.