© Oups!

12th Art Division Grand Prize


Installation [Brazil]



Humorous graphics appear in front of the audience facing the screen. The graphics make the audience start to move — they pretend to play the guitar or punch the air like Superman. They get into acting and play with the exhibition. A variety of contents are pre-installed, eliciting a pleasant reaction with a good tempo from the audience. Everyone will enjoy this lighthearted installation.

Reason for Award

I’m very happy to know that Oups! will be presented in Japan and I’m really curious and impatient to see the reaction of the Japanese public. It is always a surprise and pleasure for me to be a spectator of my own pieces because every visitor moves, feels and reacts to the animations differently. The visitor becomes a character in the animation and I always have the impression that I’m seeing it for the first time. I hope the Japanese public will enjoy it unreservedly.